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Mayfield's is the premier, foremost, leading hoisting service company in th Pacific Northwest

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Mayfield’s Hoisting was created in 1996 to give contractors a safe and reliable way to access cranes, operators and any other hoisting requirements that you may need. Our History dates back to the 1950’s when the first Mayfield began work in the PNW and ever since that fateful moment in time throughout 3 generations the Mayfield name has been attached to the crane and construction industry as a safe, proven and prideful option that will satisfy any and all your needs. We are also an MBE and DBE certified firm to help you reach your goals


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"We had had an excellent relationship with Mayfield Hoising. From start to finish, Mayfield's exceptional service and attention to detail exceeds industry norm. Mayfield Hoisting provides safe, dependable and competent operators. I particularly appreciate how they are integrally involved through the life of the crane cycle; erection, operation and dissasembly. Without their contibution, I dont think our projects would have performed as well as they did. I am very pleased with their professional exuction" -Mark, Square Peg Constuction

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